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Chee Yuen & Co, is a full-service law firm based in Kuala Lumpur. The managing partner of the firm Mr. Tan Chee Yuen is a corporate and commercial lawyer with dual professional qualifications in both Accounting and Law. He is a Chartered Accountant in both Malaysia and Australia as well as qualified lawyer in Malaysia, Singapore and Australia. 

For the past 20 years, Mr Tan has been involved in various cross border commercial deals covering sophisticated mergers and acquisitions, IPOs, ICOs, IEOs, STOs, private debts and securities issues and other business and commercial related transactions.

He was the head of the legal team representing Malaysia, in the China-Malaysia Qinzhou Industrial Park, the third g-to-g national level industrial park in the People’s Republic of China, as well as its sister industrial park the Malaysia-China Kuantan Industrial Park.

Before seting up his own practice, Mr Tan was in employment with Shook Lin & Bok and Drew & Napier LLC, the first tier law firms in Malaysia and Singapore, respectively. He was also the Legal Advisor to Media Chinese International Limited Group, co-holding the position of the Group Chief Operating Officer of Sin Chew Media Group, the largest Chinese media group outside the mainland China. Mr Tan works very closely with Chinese entrepreneurs of the SME sector in Malaysia. In March 2015, Mr Tan was appointed as a Trustee of Sin Chew Foundation, one of the wealthiest and largest charitable foundations in Malaysia.

 In 2021, Mr Tan founded the Legalmate, the first online video channel that produces legal related video content in Malaysia.

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