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Will, Probate & Estate Administration:

Our firm offers comprehensive services in Will, Probate, and Estate Administration matters, representing clients in both contentious and non-contentious estate issues. Whether you need assistance in preparing a valid and proper will or obtaining the necessary grant of representation for the assets of the deceased, our experienced team is here to guide you every step of the way.


For clients dealing with the distribution of assets according to a valid will, we act as legal representatives for executors applying for Grant of Probate. In cases where the deceased did not leave behind a will, we provide expert counsel to next-of-kin applying for Letters of Administration.


In addition to non-contentious estate matters, we handle inheritance disputes with professionalism and expertise. Our firm is well-equipped to handle cases where the validity of a will is challenged, as well as situations where claims are made by third parties against the assets of the deceased. We provide sound legal advice and effective representation to personal representatives of the estate, beneficiaries, or next-of-kin, working diligently to arrive at an amicable resolution of the dispute or advocating on their behalf in Court when necessary.


Navigating the complexities of estate administration and inheritance disputes can be emotionally challenging, and we understand the importance of addressing these matters with sensitivity and care. Count on our compassionate approach, coupled with a strategic legal perspective, to safeguard your interests and ensure the proper distribution of assets in accordance with the deceased’s wishes or applicable laws.


With our extensive experience and knowledge in Will, Probate, and Estate Administration matters, we strive to provide you with peace of mind during this crucial time. Whether you require assistance in preparing your will, obtaining grants of representation, or resolving disputes related to inheritance, our dedicated team is committed to serving your best interests and guiding you towards a favorable outcome.

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