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  • Embracing innovation and a commitment to making legal knowledge accessible to all, our lawyers at Chee Yuen & Co adopted a non-conventional approach to legal practice by founding the “LegalMate Channel” in 2010.


    This pioneering online video channel quickly established its presence across various social media and online platforms, including Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, and TikTok.


    In April 2021, the channel aired its inaugural program, marking the beginning of a transformative journey. With the primary objective of creating public legal awareness and demystifying overly complex legal matters for the benefit of the general public in Malaysia, LegalMate aims to become the go-to comprehensive and all-rounded law channel, catering to diverse segments of society. By fostering a better understanding of legal concepts through engaging and easily digestible content, we endeavor to empower individuals with the knowledge needed to navigate legal challenges confidently.

Legalmate has produced the following programs since its inception  :-



A news commentary program focuses on the latest and most discussed legal topic of the week

THE LAW & YOU                                    

A street interview program on various legal topics conducted in randomly selected locations


 Study basic legal concepts through fairy tales on humorous approach

NEWS EXPRESSO                              

A 2-minute legal news alert


A program that educates public on complicated legal topics through ash memory cards

In 2022, Legalmate had started to produce political related commentary program “THE INSIGHT”


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